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see metabolitemetabolite,
organic compound that is a starting material in, an intermediate in, or an end product of metabolism. Starting materials are substances, usually small and of simple structure, absorbed by the organism as food. These include the vitamins and essential amino acids.
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As expected, a mercaptopurine treatment of infected rats either untreated or treated with Cy significantly inhibited [alpha]2M synthesis, showing a maximal [alpha]2M level of 182 [micro]g/ ml (Cy untreated) and 231 [micro]g/ml (Cy treated), on the second and the fourth day post-infection, respectively (Fig.
Identifying patients having high risk of developing toxicity with mercaptopurine is important as toxicity gives undue morbidity and mortality (7,8,22).
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Use with caution with azathioprine, mercaptopurine, and warfarin: Coadministration can heighten anticoagulation level.
De novo purine synthesis inhibition and antileukemic effects of mercaptopurine alone or in combination with methotrexate in vivo.
TPMT is an enzyme known to be involved specifically in the metabolism of mercaptopurine, which is commonly used for childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and the immunosuppressant azathioprine (Imuran).
The spectrum of thiopurine metabolites that can be measured by our assay methodology (thioguanine, 8-hydroxymercaptopurine, mercaptopurine, 8hydroxythioguanine, thioxanthine, and thiouric acid plus methylthioguanine and the methyhnercaptopurine metabolites) are safe from oxidation and stable for several days when back-extracted or reconstituted in 0.
Vinblastine plus etoposide, prednisone, and mercaptopurine is more effective than monotherapy.