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The layoffs, said to number "a few dozen," are being made in Walmart's merchandising (which includes buyers and planners) and replenishment divisions, for the most part.
According to Newton, the right combination of mobile merchandisers, lightweight modular displays and merchandising strategy can be highly effective in maximizing and right-sizing any space.
The sale of merchandising products will be available at stores.
"We are pleased to partner with Fireclick to complement our powerful search, browse and merchandising solution with the most innovative Web analytics solution for online retailers," said Menachem Cohen, CEO of Mercado Software.
EM signs its first co-production agreement for "Blinky Bill," taking international rights for television and merchandising for the first time, forming the basis for EM.TV, which is set up to cover international TV sales, co- and inhouse productions.
"There's a lot of money to be made in this business and it's not just in the major metropolitans," says Bruce Stockberger, president of Stockberger Marketing in North Palm Beach, Florida, a firm specializing in mobile merchandising system marketing and sales development.
* Marketing research pertaining to merchandising and consumer buying habits.
There are four main goals of merchandising. First, the merchandising function is designed to provide better service to the retailer.
"Donna has extensive merchandising and category management experience in some of the key markets we serve," said Weis senior vice president of merchandising and marketing Richard Gunn, to whom Banks-Ficcio will report "She is also known for building strong relationships with suppliers and manufacturers."
For many years, the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) has offered a training course designed to help retailers teach employees merchandising basics.
Mac Naughton had served as chief merchandising officer for Walmart U.S.
The fourth team this year, Ohio State, handles its own merchandising.