merchant marine

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merchant marine:

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transportation of passengers and goods on waterways. From prehistoric times shipping has had a major influence on human social development. Water routes, unlike roads, did not need building, and the difficulties and dangers were less than those offered by mountains,
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Melton, a Merchant Marine engineer during WWII, wrote this memoir with the help of his son Will Melton, prior to Herman MeltonAEs death in 2013.
After fighting to pass my legislation to protect sexual assault survivors in the Merchant Marine Academy, Im very pleased the Senate has included this provision in the National Defense Authorization Act, said Senator Gillibrand.
The merchant marine was not a branch of the military, but an association of privately owned shipping firms and civilian sailors sailing under the American flag.
Hyundai Merchant Marine, currently under a creditor-led debt restructuring scheme, may seek to take over Hanjin Shipping's healthy assets, such as port terminals and global business networks.
At 16 years of age, he joined the Canadian Merchant Marine.
To speak plainly we have grossly erred in the way in which we have stunted and hindered the development of our merchant marine.
China VLCC, a joint venture of China Merchants Energy Shipping (CMES) and Sinotrans and CSC Group, signed the vessel acquisition deals with Sunrise Petrochemical and Nanjing Fountain, both subsidiaries and single-vessel owning companies of Sinokor Merchant Marine, CMES announced to the stock exchange.
The team at MARAD decided to put together a national maritime strategy to take a serious look at what's needed to sustain a viable US Merchant Marine.
Merchant Marine industry may be poised for a major comeback.
He was also reminded of claims that one of his sons owned a merchant marine fleet of 30 ships.
Felix Rey III Vega RaAaAaAeA~oja, Philippi Merchant Marine Academy, 84.
Merchant Marine shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in January 1942, served as a mariner until his discharge in April 1946.

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