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'Cultural diplomacy builds bridges in a unique and powerful way, and I am pleased that Meridian is strengthening US cultural diplomacy abroad while serving as a window to the world for Americans through the development of the new Meridian Cultural Diplomacy Leadership Council,' Meridian CEO Ambassador Stuart Holliday said.
Meridian Bank is an innovative community bank serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware with a full suite of financial products and services.
Today's travelers and scientists owe much to the fact that, despite difficulties (including an attempted bombing), the 1884 International Meridian Conference agreed upon and established a single prime meridian to make the world a safer, more easily measurable place.
Herzka said Meridian sought to recognize "the meaningful role that MBA plays as an advocate for all of the participants in the real estate finance field across the country" with the award.
About Meridian RV Resort: Meridian RV Resort is a next-generation, exclusive 55+RV-only resort that has been selected as the top 100 RV Resorts in the country for four years running.
"Having closed this loan 18 months prior, Meridian's challenge was to reduce the existing prepayment penalty to a level that allowed our client to capitalize on today's low rates while making the cost to do so manageable," said Hammer.
"Meridian 27 has flowed at a rate of up to 1.1 million scf/d during the past week, building on the earlier performance of Pretty Plains 10, which has since achieved a peak flow rate to date of 1.4 million scf/d," she said.
"We're doing more commercial business in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania than any of our competitors," said Ralph Herzka, cofounder and president of Meridian.
The two ensuing chapters on the conception vessel and the governing vessel are treated in the same ways as the meridians. The final chapter summarises meridian pathways on the shoulder and the four large joints.
Patrick Catholic Church in Meridian. Father Francis Cosgrove officiated the ceremony.
Chief Aviation Boatswain's Mate Equipment (SW/AW) Patrick Bourgeois was recently named the 2008 Military Citizen of the Year during a luncheon at Naval Air Station (NAS) Meridian, Miss.