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It is nearly of the second magnitude, and its meridian passage is--"
It is an extremely fine, rare and unusual astronomic, self-winding, 18K yellow gold wristwatch with mean time indication, nocturnal sky chart of the Northern Hemisphere, moon phases and moon orbit, time of the meridian passage of Sirius and moon.
During their stay at Het Behouden Huys, Barents's crew took nine altitudes of the sun at meridian passage and two for stars, in order to find the latitude.
Sights of the sun and stars were taken at meridian passage with a marine astrolabe (Stimson, 1988) or with a cross-staff (Morzer Bruyns, 1994), and occasionally with an astronomical ring.
and for a sight of the midnight sun (lower meridian passage) by the formula:
I used the program SkyMap (Marriott, n.d.) to find the declinations at local meridian passage on the corrected journal dates (see Table 1).
For the sight reduction of this observation, the precise date is not important: the sun was near its solstice, and the computer-calculated declination at meridian passage is 23[degrees]29' for 23 June or 23[degrees]27' for 25 June.
Scores of these Moonwatch "apogee" telescopes were made and used: the idea was to note the precise meridian passage of the satellites based on shortwave-radio time signals.
Buffington intends to make the meridian measurements with a Ronchi telescope, to telescope with a grating in the eyepiece to ensure very precise determination of the instant of a given star's meridian passage. Optically or mechanically connecting the telescope and the gyroscope will allow a continuing comparison between the frames established by the two instruments, and so a calculation of any drift between them.