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It was kind of dumb that they'd left me in that long after they knew I was gay," says Merino, a 20-year police veteran in the San Diego suburb of El Cajon.
And, by using exclusively Merino wool, Grunard apparel is luxuriously soft as well as 100% natural.
Natural merino wool trumps synthetic polar fleece for baby sleep, say scientists.
In 2009, Bruce Merino concluded a 25-year career at Depot in the position of senior vice president of merchandising and president of Expo Design Center.
The sales of all Youngor woolen garments increased by 20 per cent once Youngor started to communicate the benefits of Australian Merino wool to their customers across selected retail outlets.
Everyone knows the importance of babies sleeping safely, and I am convinced that Merino Kids in combination with the endorsement of the British Standard will give the peace of mind that every parent needs.
Under this partnership, Labi will develop a range of Australian Merino wool babywear targeting the premium segment of the Chinese babywear market.
Unlike traditional wool garments, which can be coarse and itchy, fabric made from merino wool is extremely soft because merino sheep hairs are longer and about half as thick, which makes them far more flexible.
The Merino Collection includes a premium line of sweaters and jackets made of the finest 100% merino wool and cashmere blends that are designed to produce a luxuriously soft hand feel.
Their merino wool blankets and NATO Jerry cans are top notch.
This is the motherland of such finewool breeds as Stavropol Breed, Caucasian Breed, Soviet Merino, Manych Merino and semifine-wool Northern Caucasian meat-wool breed.