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any plant of a South African genus (Mesembryanthemum) of succulent-leaved prostrate or erect plants widely grown in gardens and greenhouses: family Aizoaceae



a genus of plants of the family Aizoaceae. They are low (4-60 cm) annual or biennial grasses with straight prostrate or creeping stems. The simple, alternate or opposite, succulent leaves are ovate, spatulate, or cylindrical. The entire plant is covered with glistening papillae, vesicles epidermal in origin. The bisexual flowers are solitary or in small inflorescences. The calyx is five-parted, and the numerous linear petals (staminodes) are white, red, pink, or, less often, yellow. The fruit is a five-celled capsule. There are approximately 50 species, found in southern and southwestern Africa in semideserts with sandy or rocky soils. Some species, such as Mesembryanthemum crystallinum and M. nodiflorum, grow wild in the Mediterranean region, the Canary Islands, Arabia, Iran, southern Australia, California, and Mexico. Many species are ornamentals and have been cultivated for a long time in open ground (for example, the ice plant).

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There are plenty of true spreading and scrambling types like nasturtiums, mesembryanthemums - ideal for shallow containers - and trailing campanulas.
Agapanthas and mesembryanthemums grow virtually wild - much to the amazement of my dad whose own efforts at home have so far yielded just three sorry-looking specimens.
But don't forget flowers such as nasturtiums, mesembryanthemums - ideal for shallow containers - and trailing campanulas.