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One of the middle of three pairs of embryonic renal structures in vertebrates; persists in adult fish and is replaced by the metanephros in higher forms.
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wolffian body, a paired excretory organ in vertebrates.

The mesonephros consists of numerous twisting tubules that open at one end into the body cavity and at the other into the mesonephric (wolffian) duct. Each tubule has a lateral outgrowth —the malpighian corpuscle. In fish and amphibians, the mesonephros functions throughout life; in reptiles, birds, and mammals, including man, it functions only during the early stages of embryonic development, being subsequently replaced by the metanephros. At first the metanephros is metameric in structure, but this is lost as the organism grows. In the males of higher vertebrates, most of the mesonephros becomes an appendage of the testis and, with the wolffian duct, forms the vas deferens; in the females, the mesonephros is reduced.

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A recent study focusing on the molecular genetics of mesonephric carcinomas has demonstrated several novel findings including canonical KRAS mutations in most tumors (81%) and a smaller number harboring activating NRAS mutations.
Some reports describe the immunohistochemical investigation of mesonephric remnants that behave as ectopic endometrium in dogs [18, 19].
[11] Most of the other nonneoplastic lesions such as tunnel clusters, mesonephric hyperplasia, endometriosis, and microglandular endocervical hyperplasia are not given much importance even though they mimic in situ or malignant neoplasm.
The histogenesis of the development of these cysts is unclear with several proposed theories of origin including caudal growth of the developing mesonephric duct, ectopic ovarian tissue, a secondary Mullerian system, and endometriosis [3, 5].
Basis of duplex kidney formation by embryology is explained as development of two ureteral buds separately from a single mesonephric duct gives rise to a duplex kidney with complete ureteral duplication.
Mesonephric adenocarcinoma is a rare neoplasm of uterine cervix.
Chemotherapy for urothelial cancer is usually used because CDC has a mesonephric origin.
The mesonephric kidney of teleosts essentially evolved as a water-secreting organ with relatively big glomeruli.
Congenital rectovaginal fistula, imperforate anus, hypospadias and other anatomical variants of cloacal dysgenesis can also be associated with maldevelopment of the Mullerian and mesonephric duct derivatives.
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