messaging system

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messaging system

A system that sends text messages from one user to one or more other users. Email, chat and texting are the major messaging systems. Images are also included.

The following definition covers the Internet-based email system. For other messaging systems, see text messaging and chat.

Mail User Agent (Client)
The mail user agent (MUA or UA) is the client email program, such as Outlook, Eudora or Mac Mail, which is used to compose, send and receive messages.

Message Transfer Agent (Server)
The message transfer agent (MTA), or "mail transfer agent," is a mail server that forwards messages from user agents (MUAs) or delivers mail to its own message store (MS) for local recipients. Sendmail and Microsoft Exchange are the most widely used MTAs, and in a large enterprise, there may be several MTAs deployed.

Message Store
The message store (MS) holds the mail until it is selectively retrieved and deleted by an access server. A local delivery agent (LDA) writes the messages from the MTA to the message store, and the protocols used to retrieve the mail are POP and IMAP (see POP3 and IMAP4).

The Internet's SMTP
Internet email is based on the SMTP protocol. Prior to the Internet's enormous growth in the late 1990s, numerous proprietary messaging systems were widely used, including cc:Mail, Microsoft Mail, PROFS and DISOSS. See SMTP, messaging middleware, text messaging and instant messaging.
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"I am thrilled to be part of another release of an even more spectacular messaging system. I am especially excited to roll out the new feature of Dynamic Call Detection, which can intelligently adapt to a voicemail or a live person after the message has already started being delivered.
“The flexibility to deliver specific communications for different types of emergency situations makes the use of the Fike Voice Messaging System an invaluable tool to the safe and efficient operation of many types of facilities,” says Kevin Montgomery, Fike Electrical Product Manager, Facilities Protection.
The new messaging system isn't exactly an "email killer," but will be able to handle email and host of other communicative systems including instant messaging and SMS text messages.
The messaging system's support for SMS precludes the need for an app, though of course to view the inbox natively new official apps for various platforms will be released in the near future.
The RHIO is starting out modestly with a transorganizational messaging system (i.e., focusing on messages that often need to be documented on paper by hand) for clinicians, Root says.
Amcom Software has added an emergency messaging system to its suite of call center products.
X1 Technologies, Inc., a recognized leader in desktop search, has announced planned support for the IBM Lotus Notes email messaging system and future support of IBM Workplace within its award-winning desktop search application, X1 Desktop Search.
As a result, CEOs need a secure messaging system that both protects information and makes it easily auditable and retrievable.
SOUND IDEA: Inventor John Porter with his messaging system for the deaf
An instant messaging system between air traffic controllers and pilots has been introduced at Miami International Airport.
This easy-to-use instant messaging LAN application doesn't require the Internet or a server, as AOL's Instant Messenger does, and it's cheaper and simpler than the MacPopUp messaging system. It's useful for quick communication between teachers, librarians and administrators, or between teachers and students in a computer lab or classroom.
Unisys Corporation and Telisma, a European provider of voice recognition technologies, have forged a worldwide alliance to deliver and promote further development of vocal access to value-added services for telecommunications companies, The Unisys Multimedia Messaging System platform uses the Telisma speech technologies to provide users access to messages via both voice recognition and digital interfaces.