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META tag

meta tag

An HTML tag that identifies the contents of a Web page for the search engines. Meta tags are hidden on the page, but they, as well as all the HTML code on a page, can be viewed by selecting View/Source or View/Page Source from the browser menu. Meta tags contain a general description of the page, keywords and copyright information.

Search engines often display the Title tag and Distribution meta tag as the short summary you see on the results page. The Keywords meta tag also helps to place a page in the right results. Following are meta tag examples for this encyclopedia. See Dublin Core and metadata.

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3) Contracts with web designers should include an indemnity for loss and damage that your business might suffer in connection with unauthorized use of trademarks in website pages and meta tags.
has a product, SafetyNet Internet Liability, that specifies meta tags as trademark infringement.
Strategies include the use of hidden words, meta tags, links from other sites, mentions on blogs or the use of a blog by the website, as well as links from articles.
Danmon uses this Watson API to apply visual recognition to the clips and footage and adds meta tags on-the-fly and does so, according to Danmon, with a level of granularity that far exceeded that of a Media Asset Management (MAM) system.
Add meta tags Here is some sample code for a Twitter summary card - consult Twitter's guide for each card type's meta tags.
The complaint also said that these pirate sites have been controlling the presentation of the content and advertising it through search engine optimization and meta tags, including the use of ABS-CBN's marks.
A general introduction to the intersection of HTML5 and mobile is followed by specific chapters on storage and databases, CSS3, meta tags, and media queries.
Meta tags are not viewable directly on a website without looking at the page source, but they are read and cached by search engines to interpret the content of a web page as well as provide descriptions of the site in their listings.
Most spiders ignore Meta tags due to several attempts to manipulate the sites rank.
Photobucket's large media library allows for precisely relevant results, while the use of human input in the form of Meta tags allows the search tool to essentially "think laterally," and display a wide range of results relevant to the search term, according to Microsoft.
If you're a practicing artist with little computer knowledge, then no easier introduction is available than Internet 101 for Artists, 2nd Edition, which covers everything from setting up email to making money on ebay, acquiring a URL, using meta tags to promote traffic and art, and more.
com, and now administrators can customize search results by assigning points to Web page titles, body text and meta tags.