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META tag

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meta tag

An HTML tag that identifies the contents of a Web page for the search engines. Meta tags are hidden on the page, but they, as well as all the HTML code on a page, can be viewed by selecting View/Source or View/Page Source from the browser menu. Meta tags contain a general description of the page, keywords and copyright information.

Search engines often display the Title tag and Distribution meta tag as the short summary you see on the results page. The Keywords meta tag also helps to place a page in the right results. Following are meta tag examples for this encyclopedia. See Dublin Core and metadata.

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3) Contracts with web designers should include an indemnity for loss and damage that your business might suffer in connection with unauthorized use of trademarks in website pages and meta tags.
The courts found in favor of Playboy and ordered Calvin Designer Label to remove the meta tags and pay Playboy an unspecified amount in damages.
Manipulating meta tags also can affect search results.
Examples include "hidden text" or "meta tags" that use another lawyer's or law firm's name without a proper purpose, a false representation that a law firm has an office in a particular location when the lawyer does not have an office at that location, or representing that a lawyer handles cases in an area of practice that the lawyer or firm does not practice.
Jawoco has also changed its meta tag to "Web 2.0 Search engine" from "Be Wicked."
List2u's Premier Branding Solutions package includes the following services: SEO and SEM Strategies, SEO Marketing, Product Branding or Business Branding, SEM Services, Meta Tag content including Keyword and Description content, Content Writing, Organic Search Engine Submissions, Natural Bookmarking Submissions, Directory Indexing, Social Networking Submissions, 4 Press Releases per month, Position Rank and Reporting, Link Exchange including Back Links, Search Engine Placement and Monthly Search engine positions and ranking reports.
The SEO strategies followed by Red Chilli Media include keyword analysis with selection of specific keywords, relevant meta tag and meta description creation, blog and forum posting, articles and directory submission, social bookmarking, optimizing websites over social networking sites, anchor texting, image optimization, content optimization with specific keywords etc.
Optimising your webpage with the Meta tags, headlines, page titles, keyword phrases will help you drive a lot of web traffic.
Clients can simply download the creative codes for particular formats, insert any needed meta tags and use the creatives in any online advertising campaign across various online channels.
The Company's move comes close on the heels of some matrimony service players trying to create confusion in the minds of people by deliberately using the brand names in their domain name, on the websites, meta tags on site and on the app store.
Five years ago, the Board of Governors asked the Standing Committee on Advertising to draft an opinion regarding search engine optimization, also known as SEO, including meta tags and hidden text.
"If a search engine shows a website ten times for a keyword and no one clicks on it, it will be seen as not relevant by the search engines, but with good meta tags it can increase click-through rates," Davidson says.