metal sheeting

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sheet metal

A flat, rolled metal product, rectangular in cross section and form, of thickness between 0.006 and 0.249 in. (0.015 and 6.32 cm), with sheared, slit, or sawn edges.
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Sandwich panel roofing "sandwich", 120 mm thick, with skins of metal sheeting with a middle layer of non-combustible mineral wool basalt fiber -150 m2.
They then got out of the vehicle and picked up a pallet carrying the metal sheeting and placed it in the back of their van.
Mr Straw was also shown damage to windows and buildings and a nail from the bomb, still embedded in metal sheeting above one of the shops.
Routes between the various interventions are marked by lengths of rusting ships' chains and the patina of age (on textiles, metal sheeting and tree trunks) forms the main variation on the overall arteplage theme of 'Instant and Eternity'.
A projecting bay over the front door on the west side is clad in the same corrugated metal sheeting used on the exterior of the workshop, so unifying the canalside perimeter of the complex.
Clad in recycled hardwood and metal sheeting, this part of the pavilion has a pitched shed roof (references to Australia's rural traditions appear more than once in the Games buildings).
As designed, the triangular plan of the building and its distinctive flaring nose-cone necessitated apparently tricky shaping of roof and cladding panels in both metal sheeting and exposed timber.
A single roof plane lined internally and externally with metal sheeting, floats overhead.
With its smooth, glossy, rendered surfaces painted light grey and with glazed grey ceramic tiles on the pitched roofs, the elevation is given a remarkably translucent, iridescent sheen by the film of unpainted metal sheeting, which from a distance gives the curious illusion of being made of engraved glass.