metal tie

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masonry ties, 1
metal ties, 1
1. Any unit of material which connects two parts, as masonry to masonry. Also see wall tie.
2. A framing member which sustains only a tensile load; a member in tension to prevent spreading.
3. In surveying, a connection from a point of known position to a point whose position is desired.
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org and reads: "Many parents have had enough of their children being made to wear a uniform that is impractical for summer temperatures and is resulting in children becoming ill from the heat, suffering minor burns from metal tie clips or being penalised for not wearing blazer jackets when they are too hot.
Five tenders for the supply of (a) 9 volt batteries, 12 volt batteries & lithium batteries, (b) instruments to test distributors batteries, (c) connection clamps of 150/ 150, 70/ 150 & 70 / 70 type dual metal tie wire and end terminal, (d) goose neck shaped iron stand to fix on walls, also (e) rubber tires for vehicles and automotive equipment.
These two walls are held together with metal ties and if they get cement on them during construction or other work, it allows water to pass over the dirty wall ties and form a damp patch.
These walls are held together with metal ties that, when dirty, allow water to pass over them and form damp.