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These FFAare chemically active and will favour the saponification reaction in the presence of sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide which act as strong agents to form metallic soap [18,19].
hydrolyzed, in small parts to form metallic soap as well(Equation 6).
The presence of high amount of calcium and sodium indicates that the deposit is not only made of FOG but also metallic soaps that formed during the hydrolysis reaction (6).
The purpose of this present study is to evaluate some metallic soap from different metal salts to clarify concerns on the suitability of soaps used as an additive and kaolin as pigment for paper coating.
03 per side) Matt Yes Yes Gloss None None Table 4: Performance of coated paper surface Performance test Metallic soap Ink Color Water retention retention resistance Calcium soap EX EX VH Copper soap EX EX VH Cobalt soap EX EX VH Iron soap EX EX VH EX = Excellent, VH = Very high.
The reaction occurring between these processes are usually carried in an aqueous medium for alkaline and alkaline earth soaps or in an organic medium such as alcohol or benzene for metallic soaps (Eliot S.
Metallic soaps incorporated into a coating control the behavior of the color during its application or alter the properties of the finished product.
Alkaline and alkaline earth soaps as well as metallic soaps are employed in various fields (Poulenant et.
A comparison of the coat mixture of Ca-soap, Cu-soap and Co-soap indicates that all the metallic soaps enumerated below have the same capacity because there is no significant difference between them at 5 percent confidence limit.
The properties of PKO, metallic soaps and quality parameters of coat mixture together with the performance of coated paper were determined.
Metallic soaps (calcium behenate, calcium 12-hydroxy stearate) in powder and flake used as lubricants and costabilizers in rigid and semi-rigid PVC, and PVC copolymers and alloys.
Thus, dyeing-related non-level problems caused by the metallic soaps are also eliminated.