metallic tubing

electrical metallic tubing

A thin-walled metal raceway having a circular cross section; used to pull in or withdraw electric cables or wires after the tubing is installed in place; uses connectors and couplings other than the threaded type.
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The RC-4 Hoop Bender allows you to quickly and easily bend a 4-foot-wide row cover hoop, using inexpensive electrical metallic tubing (EMT) or fence top rail tubing.
The company produces electrogalvanized electrical metallic tubing and intermediate metal conduit, as well as hot-dip galvanized electrical rigid metal conduit.
Polygon Company's unique thermoset products provide the somewhat lower physical-strength characteristics of metallic tubing such as stainless steel, inherent die-electric properties and significantly higher strength characteristics than that of thermoplastic tubing.
This rigid conduit, originally heavy, threaded, iron pipe, was superseded in the 1920s by lightweight electrical metallic tubing (EMT).
This isn't news to those who spent their fun-filled youth pumping the daylights out of a pipe-and-wheel contraption that was called an "Irish Mail." Well, here's a modern version of that pump scooter, and it can be built with electrical metallic tubing (EMT) and some odds and ends.
* The use of Electrical Metallic Tubing is prohibited in wet locations to prevent potential degradation of the metallic tubing that encases the electrical wiring system.
* Thin-wall conduit, also known as EMT (electric metallic tubing), comes in inside diameters of 1/2" to 4"; 1/2" is most common.
While assembling the ribs place a 10' piece of electric metallic tubing (EMT) into the mid-rib to make the structure stronger.
"We are the clear global leader in the manufacture and marketing of thin-walled, flexible, metallic tubing.