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Laforet (1936-) a metallographer at the Bureau de Recherches Geologiques et Minieres, who first observed the mineral from the Montgros mine.
An image of the grain structure taken by a metallographer's microscope, for example, can be accommodated in much the same way as a magnetic-resonance image of the human brain.
The photo was shot by materials research engineer and metallographer Robert Edahl Jr.
The command program of the flexible system is based on decisions and actions of four intelligent agents (I.A.) generically denominated: "Coordinator" (it coordinates actions, assists decisions, solve conflicts between the other agents), "Metallographer" (metallography analysis), "Chemist" (chemistry analysis) and "Assistant" (figure 1).
This wall chart provides metallographers and other lab personnel a quick and easy way to compare in-house microstructures with standard gray iron microstructures.
While established metallographers usually prefer inverted microscopes, there are certain applications, for example, research on superconductivity, where upright models offer an advantage.
While some metallographers use a 1-[[micro]meter] diamond paste on a nylon cloth for the next step, most use an aqueous 1-[[micro]meter] magnesium oxide (MgO) slurry on a high-nap wool broadcloth.