meteorological office

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meteorological office (aeronautical)

An office designated to provide meteorological service for international air navigation (ICAO).
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According to the Meteorological Office at Beirut airport, a storm named Oscar coming from Russia via Ukraine and the Black Sea will cause a drop in temperatures in Lebanon, along with strong winds and rain until Saturday morning.
According to IIAC, the Aviation Meteorological Office issued a low visibility warning at Incheon International Airport at 1:35 a.m.
Dear Editor, I am compiling a brief biography of William Milton Henderson for the Meteorological Office book of remembrance.
The Icelandic Meteorological Office has issued a yellow alert for the volcano located under VatnajAaAaAeA kull, Iceland's largest glacier.
The Meteorological office said temperatures touched 40C and atmospheric humidity was 40 per cent in the afternoon.
"The United States Geological Survey has only seven stations in this area, while Meteorological Office gets reports from 35 station, including its own and neighbouring countries centres, and calculate average on their readings," said Met Office Director General Dr.
ySLAMABAD (CyHAN)- A 5.8-magnitude earthquake hit parts of Pakistan on Saturday afternoon, local meteorological office reported.
1654: A meteorological office in Tuscany began daily temperature readings.
Sir John Mason, distinguished academic and former director general of the Meteorological Office, died on 6 January.
And scientists at the Icelandic Meteorological Office said their announcement yesterday that the volcano had experienced a subglacial eruption was wrong.
Increase in pollutants was observed in airshed of Bishkek in June 2014, Kyrgyz Meteorological Office's Air Pollution Division Chief Natalia Fedechkina said.

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