meteorological office

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meteorological office (aeronautical)

An office designated to provide meteorological service for international air navigation (ICAO).
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The meteorological office predicts the storm will cause a further drop in temperatures Thursday, as well as wind.
The outbreak of war interrupted William's studies, and he joined the Meteorological Office as a forecaster.
The Meteorological Office said that seismic activity around the volcano has increased over the past several months as well, indicating increased volcanic activity.
The Meteorological office also forecast monsoon rains in the country in the next 24 hours.
8-magnitude earthquake hit parts of Pakistan on Saturday afternoon, local meteorological office reported.
1654: A meteorological office in Tuscany began daily temperature readings.
Sir John Mason, distinguished academic and former director general of the Meteorological Office, died on 6 January.
And scientists at the Icelandic Meteorological Office said their announcement yesterday that the volcano had experienced a subglacial eruption was wrong.
According to the meteorological office, rain is expected to fall locally on Thursday with strong winds, while the temperature will remain the same; 27 degrees Celsius in the mainland, 24-25C in the coastal areas and 15C in the mountains.
The province's meteorological office declared the highest danger level, and visibility fell as low as 50 metres.
Based on the survey results, we studied two projects frequently mentioned by respondents: Public Sector Broadband Aggregation in Wales and the Meteorological Office Healthy Outlook program.
The humidity was recorded between 21 per cent and 58 per cent, the meteorological office said.

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