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On drawings, abbr. for “metal.”
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4 June 2018 - New York, US-based realty company Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Hudson Valley Properties has acquired New York-based real estate brokerage Westwood Metes and Bounds Realty Ltd.
10 Arabia; Saudi 9 M; 8 teams, teamed, team, tamps, tamp, tames, Earn; You As Pay 7 Japan; 6 Rome; 5 tamed, tame, stems, stem, steams, steamed, Philippines; The 4 Jackson; Michael 3 steam, stamps, stampede, stamped, stamp, Janeiro; de Rio 2 Flatliners; 1 spasm, sesame, seems, seem, seams, Quiz: seamed, seam, same, metes, meted, mete, messed, mess, mesa, meets, meet, meat, superheroes.
Subdividing the land; metes and bounds and rectangular survey systems.
He also said that Iran`s gas swap with Azerbaijan and Nikhchivan stands at 1 million cubic metes daily.