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C.V.: coefficient of variation; ASM: Acibenzolar-s-methyl; MeJa: methyl jasmonate. Table 2.
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Salt stress and drought stress increased the [beta]-carotene content by 2.5-2.7x, while for methyl jasmonate and mannitol the increase was by 1.1-1.2x (Figure 1B).
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Many studies used pure methyl jasmonate or a similar cis-formulation of MJ as others elements from this plant hormone's family.
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Some reports have also shown unsuccessful results using salicylic acid as an elicitor, such as tropane alkaloid production in Atropa belladonna [51] and the production of taxol in suspension cultures of Taxus chinensis which was increased more significantly by methyl jasmonate than by salicylic acid [52].
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