Methylene Blue

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methylene blue

[′meth·ə‚lēn ′blü]
(organic chemistry)
Dark green crystals or powder; soluble in water (deep blue solution), alcohol, and chloroform; C16H18N3SCl·3H2 O used in medicine; (C16H18N3SCl)2·ZnCl2·H2 O used as a textile dye, biological stain, and indicator. Also known as methylthionine chloride.

Methylene Blue


an organic dye of the thiazine group, used in medicine as an antiseptic and as an antidote for certain types of poisoning.

Methylene blue is applied externally for irrigation and as an ointment for purulent skin conditions; it is taken internally to treat inflammations of the urinary bladder. In addition, it is administered intravenously in glucose solution for cases of hydrocyanic acid, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide poisoning. Industrially, methylene blue is used in coloring paper, as well as in pencils and printer’s ink.

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