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(kä`vəkä'və): see pepperpepper,
name for the fruits of several unrelated Old and New World plants used as spices or vegetables or in medicine. Old World (True) Peppers

Black pepper (Piper nigrum
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(also, kavakava, Piper methysticum), a shrub of the family Piperaceae (pepper). It grows on the Polynesian Islands and New Guinea. The local population uses the stems, leaves, and rhyzomes of the plant to make a stimulating and highly intoxicating beverage.

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Enhanced cognitive performance and cheerful mood by standardised extracts of Piper methysticum (kava-kava).
Piper methysticum extract (kava kava) possesses numerous therapeutic properties, but it is unknown which of its principle constituents (kavalactones) subserve such effects.
methysticum, which is found throughout the Pacific islands today.
Kava, prepared from the plant Piper methysticum, is consumed extensively as a traditional recreational beverage in the Pacific Islands and produces a calming effect.
The chief named Tionee (in Cook's spelling) treated him to a feast with roasted pigs and a kava ceremony, involving the Polynesian drink made from the Piper methysticum, and with songs and dances.
00 (PEG-8 (and) water (and) piper methysticum extract (and) PEG8/SDMI copolymer) Whole Leaf Aloe Gel (Coats Aloe) 1.
Kava-kava is derived from the plant piper methysticum and has been widely used for many years as a remedy for nervousness.
Made from the crushed roots of the Piper methysticum shrub, its psychoactive properties have been well documented since Captain Cook arrived on the islands in the late-18th century and talked of a strange "intoxicating pepper".
Kawa-Kawa es el nombre de la planta Piper methysticum, es un arbusto perenne robusto y atractivo de hojas suaves con forma de corazon, miembro de la familia de las Piperaceas o familia del pimiento.
Kava, an extract of a plant called Piper Methysticum, thrives in humid, tropical climates, including the Pacific Islands, New Caledonia and most of the Solomon Islands.
Other studies point out that kawalactones from Piper methysticum from Fiji significantly inhibited TNF-[alpha] release with a potency as great as EGCG (Hashimoto et al.