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in ancient Greece, aliens, including freed slaves, who had settled in a city-state. Most of the information available to modern scholars concerns the Athenian metics.

Although the metics were personally free, they had no political rights, were not allowed to marry Athenian citizens, and, as a rule, could not own real property. Each metic was obliged to have an Athenian citizen as a guardian or patron, pay a special metic tax to the state (12 drachmas a year for a man and six for a woman), and register with the deme (local government body) of his place of residence. The metics were subject to military service and, like Athenian citizens, had to pay the eisphora, a special war tax. Some metics were wealthy slaveholders, merchants, shipowners, or owners of handicraft shops. The liturgy (leitourgia, a public service or office) was imposed on wealthy metics, as well as on wealthy Athenians. In the fifth and fourth centuries B.C. a considerable proportion of the urban population of Athens was made up of metics, who played an important role in the economy of the city-state. The status of the metics varied, depending on the city-state.


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(41.) On the issue of respectability for metic women, see Kennedy 2014, passim.
as "queer" metics, makes great strides by addressing important facets of modernism's "unassessed vitality." (2)
By Book 8, he turns away from familiar critiques about democratic assemblies and identifies the epistemological problem democracy introduces, namely, that a radical equality may entail the incapacity to assess who rules, to decide who - metic, slave, woman, Cyclops, horse - is inside and who is outside the city.
It repeatedly used the metic of the "invisible boycott" in an attempt to disrupt proceedings.
61); makes the poet Archilochos (!) a model for hoplite "courage"; forgets that Athens built the bulk of its empire on the tribute-treasure of the Delian League; conflates the slave and the metic; wonders why Perikles' Funeral Oration doesn't mention the gods; assigns a "superman doctrine" to Plato and for that matter is confident that he can separate Socrates' thinking from that of Plato.
Coffee production is estimated at 340-380,000 metic tons.
"Women are objectified in most beauty, fashion and cos- metic advertising the world over.
Fadi showed great interest to play for the national team, but he has a contract with China and he wanted to insure that contract, Lebanon coach Veselin Metic told Filipino scribes.
A woman without a kurios did not have legal recourse in the courts for certain crimes against her even if she was a metic with a prostates', see Kennedy 2014, 97-106.
Evidence based articles have reported better cos- metic results of staples closure compared to those of suture repair.17,18 There was also no difference in complication and infection rate.18,19,20 Despite increased discomfort on staple removal, patients satisfaction was high.
Further evidence of deme territoriality is the official formula for identifying metics (metic's name + [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] + name of a deme) used for the collection of a poll tax ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), the granting of concessions, and various other official accounts involving resident aliens.