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1. the main city, esp of a country or region; capital
2. the chief see in an ecclesiastical province



(1) In ancient Greece, a city (polis) that had colonies. Although it had no power over its colonies, a metropolis protected them and acted as the arbiter of their disputes.

(2) In the period of colonial conquests, a state that has colonies, usually overseas. The political and legal ties between a metropolis and its colonies vary. Thus, the colony may be a protectorate or a vassal state of the metropolis, or it may be incorporated into the metropolitan power. But essentially, these relations always involve the domination, subjugation, and exploitation of the colonies by the metropolis.

(3) In some states, such as Canada, the central city of a province or region. Sometimes the capital or central city of a state is also called a metropolis.

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He said that the federal government was fully assisting for the progress of Karachi and that the people of the city appreciate the assistance of the federal government for the betterment of the metropolis.
The company says that is leading it to temporarily idle production in Metropolis, but it will maintain minimal operations in case business conditions improve and production at the facility can be restarted.
Avani Metropolis Auckland Residences take stylish, urban living to lofty new heights, featuring spacious lounge and dining areas, well-equipped kitchens, laundry facilities, complimentary wi-fi, grocery delivery services and a thoughtful selection of high-tech comforts.
During the software implementation, the Metropolis support team completed a side-by-side installation to ensure the pre-configured settings of the legacy system were patched into the new software.
provincial governments as well as of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) pertain to the metropolis and would ultimately be run by the elected representatives.
Metropolis was originally modeled on French art house cinemas, with a program of films inaccessible in the multiplexes.
The full size car mock-up is a 36m long and it reflects the real size of Alstom Metropolis trains.
As part of the contract, Alstom will also supervise the maintenance of the Metropolis trainsets during their first two years of operation.
Peugeot is aiming the Metropolis RS 4001 at city types who currently run on four wheels and are looking to downsize and reduce their commuting costs.
FAST FACTS PEUGEOT Metropolis RS 4001 PRICES: PS6,999 on-the-road ENGINE: 399cc four-stroke single, CVT gearbox WEIGHT: 258kg SEAT HEIGHT: 780mm POWER: 37bhp TANK CAPACITY: 10.
Shah says the main difficulty was to convince local labs that tying up with Metropolis would boost their brand identity and business.
The Metropolis is based on the previous HSE LUX spec and includes Windsor leather, electrically adjustable seats, panoramic sunroof, xenon headlamps, a reversing camera and 19in diamond-cut alloys.

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