metropolitan area network

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metropolitan area network

(MAN): see local area networklocal area network
(LAN), a computer network dedicated to sharing data among several single-user workstations or personal computers, each of which is called a node. A LAN can have from two to several hundred such nodes, each separated by distances of several feet to as much as a
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Metropolitan Area Network

(MAN) A data network intended to serve an area the size of a large city. Such networks are being implemented by innovative techniques, such as running optical fibre through subway tunnels. A popular example of a MAN is SMDS.

See also Local Area Network, Wide Area Network.
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(Metropolitan Area Network) A communications network that covers a geographic area such as a town, city or suburb. See Metro Ethernet, LAN and WAN.
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develops, manufactures and markets highly scalable, cost effective DWDM solutions that increase network bandwidth and eliminate the last major barrier to the large-scale deployment of fiber-based metropolitan area networks. WaveSplitter's high-performance, all-fiber DWDM devices offer a unique combination of low signal loss and modular expandability.
Their final task was to connect all the VLANs into one metropolitan area network (MAN) encompassing the entire district.
On campus, students can access the servers through a campus-wide 10Base-T Ethernet network; off-campus students access the information via the Internet through a company LAN connection, or connect via ATM through a metropolitan area network.
Supernet products and services also include a broad spectrum of Wide Area Network (WAN) and Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) solutions based on satellite, fiber optics, microwave radio and internet.
The IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee develops Local Area Network standards and Metropolitan Area Network standards.
Organizations deploying broadband wireless base stations, either as part of a campus network or a metropolitan area network, are often challenged with shadows in their network.
As for "fast," the metropolitan area network at McDonnell Douglas Helicopter meets the goal.
Resilient Packet Ring (RPR) is an emerging network architecture and technology designed to meet the requirements of a packet-based metropolitan area network. An RPR network consists of a set of RPR switches connected together by two counter-rotating optical fiber rings.
"This once again re-affirms Foundry's position as one of the leading Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) infrastructure providers," concluded Johnson.
"By combining flexible IP service enablers with industry leading WAN connectivity -- from T1 to OC-48c -- Riverstone Networks RS family of broadband switch routers enables rapid customer acquisition by carriers throughout the metropolitan area network."
Unidata SpA has selected Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure's advanced telecommunications GIS software to help manage the company's metropolitan area network in Rome, the company said.

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