metropolitan area network

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metropolitan area network

(MAN): see local area networklocal area network
(LAN), a computer network dedicated to sharing data among several single-user workstations or personal computers, each of which is called a node. A LAN can have from two to several hundred such nodes, each separated by distances of several feet to as much as a
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Metropolitan Area Network

(MAN) A data network intended to serve an area the size of a large city. Such networks are being implemented by innovative techniques, such as running optical fibre through subway tunnels. A popular example of a MAN is SMDS.

See also Local Area Network, Wide Area Network.
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OpenAccess, the leading New York metropolitan area network, empowers business users to communicate securely and efficiently to the world, via the next generation extension of their existing local area network, with the simplicity of Ethernet services.
com), global outsourcing partner for networking and communications solutions, and Sandburst Corporation, an innovative provider of solutions for modular networks, today announced that Accton is using Sandburst's HIBEAM(R) chipset and Sandburst's METROBOX(TM) reference platform as the foundation for its new high-end Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) product line.
IMC Networks, a worldwide leader in fiber optic connectivity solutions for Local, Wide and Metropolitan Area Network applications, is celebrating its 15-year anniversary during the month of March.

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