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[Ital.,=above], female voice of highest pitch. The three basic types of solo soprano are coloratura, lyric, and dramatic. The coloratura has a great range and impressive vocal agility; the lyric soprano has a light, pretty voice; and the dramatic soprano has a sustained
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a female voice intermediate in range between soprano and contralto. The high, lyric mezzo-soprano is similar to the soprano, and the low mezzo-soprano approximates the contralto.

Characteristic of the mezzo-soprano are a full sound in the middle register and a low chest register. Its compass extends from A, B-flat to a”, b-flat”. Opera parts written for mezzo-soprano include Marfa in Mussorgsky’s Khovanshchina, Liubasha in Rimsky-Korsakov’s The Tsar’s Bride, and Carmen in the opera of the same name by Bizet. Among the most outstanding Russian and Soviet mezzo-sopranos are A. P. Krutikova, M. A. Slavina, N. A. Obukhova, and S. P. Preobrazhenskaia. In choirs the mezzo-sopranos sing the first alto part.


a female voice intermediate between a soprano and contralto and having a range from the A below middle C to the F an eleventh above it
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The dramatic mezzo-soprano is the female "heavy" in most operas.
Boldrey's listing of the term Zwischenfach acknowledges the literal meaning of a voice type that "cannot be classified precisely in one Fach or another," yet notes that "it is commonly understood to refer to that shadowland between soprano and mezzo-soprano.
Spanish-born widow Dona Paquita, played with gusto by mezzo-soprano Gisele Fredette.
While the number of roles for operatic sopranos allows them to specialize as Wagnerian sopranos or Verdi sopranos, working mezzo-sopranos (whose range is a bit lower) must alter their vocal style to suit everything from Handel to Bizet.
Sopranos Ruth Ann Swenson and Catherine Malfitano, mezzo-sopranos Frederica von Stade and Jennifer Larmore, and bass Samuel Ramey all made game contributions.
The opera's soloists - soprano Irina Vasilieva, tenor Evgeny Akimov and mezzo-sopranos Anna Kiknadze and Nadezhda Vasilieva - are singers from St.
She'll be joined by mezzo-sopranos Paula Rasmussen and Nancy Maultsby, British narrator Kelly Hunter and the Los Angeles Master Chorale in a semi-staged production of Debussy's ``Le martyre de Saint Sebastien.