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The mica powder was dry milled for 6 hours and particle size was analyzed to ensure nanocrystalline formation.
Table 2: The color characteristics of the samples obtained at different coating temperatures and their difference with the reference pigment ([DELTA][E *.sub.CIE]) Temperature L * a * b * Color difference ([degrees]C) ([DELTA][E*.sub.CIE]) 65 54.82 23.26 31.48 13.85 75 54.90 22.99 29.00 1310 90 50.94 29.83 36.23 22.48 In order to verify the surface distribution of Fe on mica powder, Fig.
Prior to the polymerization process (described in Procedure 1), the mica powder was dispersed in 600 mL deionized water.
Komarneni and Roy suggest that the mica powder can be used for decontamination by dispersing it in water or soil and then filtering out the cesium-laden product or by letting cesium-contaminated humans or animals ingest the material, which would later be excreted.