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The smallest SD flash memory card. Introduced in 2005 and widely used in smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices, microSD is electrically and software compatible with the full-size SD card. Subsequent versions, including SDHC (High Capacity) and SDXC (Extended Capacity), greatly increased storage.

By 2018, 512GB SDXC cards were in production. In the past, SanDisk referred to microSD as TransFlash (T-Flash). See SD card and gruvi card.

The Smartphone Slot
The microSD format is widely used in smartphones and tablets. To gain access to the microSD slot in this Android phone, the back of the case is removed.

Adapters Make microSD Universal
This adapter allows a microSD card to plug into a full-size SD slot. Adapters for miniSD and USB are also available. The half-gram microSD is .59 x .43 inches (15 x 11 mm).

A Tad Smaller
Remember floppy disks? It would take 21,000 of them to hold as much storage as this 32GB microSD card, which costs about the same as 10 floppies did. See floppy disk.

Hard to Believe
In 2018, this 512GB microSD card held approximately 800 times as much data as a 17-pound hard drive in the early 1990s. See hard disk.

Hard to Believe
In 2018, this 512GB microSD card held approximately 800 times as much data as a 17-pound hard drive in the early 1990s. See hard disk.
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SanDisk trumpets its A1 speed rating, saying: "Rated A1, the SanDisk UltraA microSD card is optimized for apps, delivering faster app launch and performance that provides a better smartphone experience.
This new SanDisk microSD card provides consumers with the freedom to capture, save and share photos, videos and apps and enjoy offline content, all without worrying about storage limitations.
My phone was locking up, restarting and constantly freezing until I took the microSD card out," a user on the (https://forum.
5A'A' PATA, Slim SATA, mSATA, microSATA, mini PCIe, eUSB, CFast, CF, SD & microSD interface.
Having this microSD in a smartphone will greatly increase storage capacity without sacrificing app speed.
All versions include a microSD card preloaded with the custom NOOBS OS installer.
To avail this exclusive offer, one needs to purchase any of the mentioned Saavn Limited Edition microSD cards.
The EVO Plus 256GB microSD card provides advanced protection, capacity, and performance with long-term reliability needed to get the most out of today's electronics, making it an ideal companion for high-end smartphones and tablets with a microSD slot, even in the most extreme conditions, the press release added.
The new EVO Plus memory cards are also available in SD and microSD form factors, and are equipped to meet the ever- increasing content creation and storage demands of smartphone, tablet, compact camera and Full HD camcorder users.
The OTG microReader features standard USB and microUSB connectors, as well as a microSD card reader that's tucked inside the standard USB connector to save space and to enable the microSD card to be placed into the reader and then plugged into a device to transfer files.
Anti-card sticking design, which prevents microSD card from being stuck in case of incorrect insertion into the micro-SIM slot.
Vicente Prior, director Products and Channels, Santander Universities, said, 'With Gemalto's microSD technology, students benefit from the speed and convenience of an NFC mobile phone, without needing an NFC-ready handset.