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see mental retardationmental retardation,
below average level of intellectual functioning, usually defined by an IQ of below 70 to 75, combined with limitations in the skills necessary for daily living.
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At the second trimester, in at least one examination, all the morphologic assessments of the fetus were correctly carried out and resulted in normality, with the only exception being the findings of isolated severe microcephalia and small size for the gestational age.
DMIC.Dendropsophus microcephalia, DMIN: Dendropsophus minusculus, DMT: Dendropsophus mathiassoni, EO: Elachistocleis ovalis, EP: Engystomops pustulosus, HC: Hypsiboas crepitans, HP: Hypsiboas pugnax, LF: Leptodactylus fuscus, LFRA: Leptodactylus fragilis, LI: Leptodactylus insularum, LM: Leptodactylus macrosternum, LPET: Leptodactyluspetersii, LSP: Leptodactulys sp., PB: Pleurodema brachyops, PF: Physalaemusfischeri, PH: Phyllomedusa hyponcondrialis, PP: Pseudis paradoxa, RH: Rhinella humboltdti, RM: Rhinella marina, SB: Scinax blairi, SR: Scinax ruber, SRT: Scinax rostratus, SW: Scinax wandae, SXS: Scinax x-signatus, TT: Trachicephalus typhonius.
The patient was born with intrauterine growth retardation (birth height and weight under 10 percentile), microcephalia (under 10 percentile), broad nasal root, hypoplastic ala nasi, long philtrum, cleft palate, micrognathia, and low set ears (Figure 1c).