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The local, rather uniform climate of a specific place or habitat, compared with the climate of the entire area of which it is a part.


Localized climate conditions within an urban area or building.



climate of the ground layer of air resulting from small-scale differences in the earth’s surface within a local climate. For example, a distinction is made in the local climate of a forest area between the microclimate of forest glades and the edges of forests and in the local climate of a city between the microclimate of squares, side streets, public gardens, and yards. Differences in the microclimate diminish rapidly with distance from the earth’s surface. They are also largely dependent on the weather, increasing in fair, calm weather and leveling out in overcast weather, in the absence of insolation, and when it is windy. Study of the microclimate requires the organization of a dense network of random meteorological observations and the comparison of these observations with the readings of a permanent basic weather station characterizing the corresponding local climate. Microclimatic surveys from motor vehicles are widely used. The peculiarities of the microclimate must be taken into account when positioning crops or moving them into new areas, when engaging in various types of land reclamation, in industrial and civilian construction, and so forth.


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ClimateCare is designed to pull excess moisture and heat away from the patient's skin to effectively manage the skin microclimate and protect it from breakdown.
This is perceived to be mainly due to loss of water bodies as microclimate of the city stands altered due to undesired land use change.
Gentle ribbon-like curves in hues reminiscent of the desert environment are blended and created in bands of colour tinted render, timber and stainless steel creating a microclimate of shaded spaces that allow the hotel to extend its activities into the external landscape offering improved dining and recreational possibilities, the statement said.
Co-author Keith Kirby, a woodland ecologist from the University of Oxford's Department of Plant Sciences, said the microclimate created by a dense forest canopy allowed some plants to remain within their comfort zone.
But one important caution with the vest systems: You can't wear them under CBRN protective suits such as JSLIST unless the suit is specifically designed with a microclimate pass-through.
The objective of our study was to document microclimate parameters at Black Swift nests in Colorado, New Mexico, and California by quantifying temperature and RH values.
The idea is to ensure that the urban microclimate is properly understood in terms of boundary layers and locations.
Thus, an evaluation of the indoor microclimate at the project stage should be conducted, which can also be the basis for the design of the "intelligent building" system.
The team recorded data on the greenhouse microclimate (global solar radiation, air temperature, and relative humidity), the canopy microclimate (leaf and bottom fruit temperatures), and ventilation (opening/closing).
The Estate Merlot from the Colchagua Valley has a microclimate from the low coastal mountains and the river basin.
Architects specializing in facades explain such approaches as corrugated glass to improve the structural resistance of glass, climate related optimized facade technologies, and requirements for CO2 neutral buildings and cities from microclimate to the facade.
Design with Microclimate: The Secret to Comfortable Outdoor Space"discusses microclimate and the finer details of climate that should go into landscape and architecture in providing a comfortable area outdoors.