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Two main properties of the ta-C:B samples are tested in this study, microcosmic structure and electrical conductivity.
The Microcosmic Fantasy was a product of changing attitudes toward children and childhood, in part inspired by Giovanni Pascoli's view of the regenerative, emancipatory role of the child in society, as expressed in his II Fanciullino.
Robert Egert's soft blue conte crayon drawings come off microcosmic in this company--his compositions, one per page, are like Ellsworth Kelly forms with circulatory systems.
This reviewer, for one, would wish to see future editions expand beyond microcosmic readings of select texts to offer a macrocosmic appreciation of Realism's literary and historical context, whether regarding scientific or technological innovations, socioeconomic superstructures, or any one author.
Ricky's commentary on his choice of materials is a microcosmic view of his broader perspective and gives insight on his artistic influences:
The guests expressed their utmost appreciation and pride in HRH the Crown Prince's teeming majlis which constitute opportunity for them to get in touch which is a facet of the Kingdom of Bahrain's community emanating from HRH keenness to hold weekly majlises in compliance with the instructions of HM King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and in continuation of the tradition of the fathers and ancestors over eons and they considered the diversity of HRH's majlis as a microcosmic embodiment of a solidly unified Bahraini family under the wise leadership of His Majesty the King.
This microcosmic human glimpse into a long macrocosmic political conflict reminds how difficult it is to retain nonviolent ideals and find the inner strength to keep going and raise your kids while defending your turf.
It is not unusual for a press release to be given out in Africa by the junior warlord of some microcosmic bureaucratic fiefdom about some new policy or other which has been ill thought-out and which then needs to be reversed.
Taken together with its cosmopolitanism, as well as its self-reflexive sense of both its modernity and its public character, this is indeed a microcosmic Enlightenment as realized within the covers of a book.
Figure 1 is a physical model of complex pore which is obtained by simplifying the microcosmic flow field, [H.
I am a standing testimony to the fact that you can occupy a microcosmic space -- a pinhead.
Blending Iranian music, soft rock, house and everything under the sun, the label is a microcosmic melting pot.