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In addition, basaloid squamous cell carcinoma was also excluded due to the absence of comedonecrosis, hyalinization of the stroma, or microcyst formation.
2), microcyst formation, membranous fat necrosis, and lipophages (Fig.
Anovulatory endometrium with microcyst formation and irregularly shaped glands.
Vallieres, "Tumor necrosis factor reduces brain tumor growth by enhancing macrophage recruitment and microcyst formation," Cancer Research, vol.
The main outcome measures of IVCM were mean intraepithelial microcyst area, mean intraepithelial microcyst density, and subepithelial connective tissue density in terms of reflectivity (grayscale).
(22) The UH pattern is frequently associated with other placental features of uteroplacental malperfusion related to shallow, trophoblastic invasion, such as an accumulation of extra villous trophoblasts in the placental membranes (Figure 3, A), characteristically with membrane chorionic microcyst formation (Figure 3, B), and in the chorionic disc (Figure 3, C), again, typically, with microcyst formations (Figure 3, D), decidual clusters of multinucleate trophoblasts (Figure 3, E) and basal-plate myometrial fibers, and occult placenta accreta (Figure 3, F).
(8,9) Indeed, IUP occurring in the bladder may also feature prominent microcyst formation with mucicarmine-positive secretions (glandular subtype), a lesion that some believe represents florid cystitis glandularis at that location.
Some cases show prominent microcyst formation or microcalcifications.
Collapsing glomerulopathy from any cause consists of segmental or global loss of glomerular capillaries and increased matrix with overlying cellular prominence (Figure 3), sometimes associated with marked tubular microcyst formation.
The typical stellate reticulum and microcyst formation often seen in follicular ameloblastoma, however, was rarely encountered.