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Thin round silicon plates with prefabricated microcircuits before cutting them with a diamond microdisk into individual crystals of a given semiconductor [28]
Figure 19: A scanning electron microscopy image of the side view of an Er-doped GaP microdisk resonator with 10 [micro]m diameter [adapted from [22]].
In the final step, the tip of the CFEs were ground to realize microdisk electrodes at the tip.
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However, most devices focus on specific parts of a transducer, e.g., tuning of optical cavities [17], coupling to optical chips [18-20], displacement measurement on a moveable structures [2, 21-23], or the fundamental physics of optical microdisk cavities [24-26].
Specific topics covered include the simulation of plans photonics resonators, (Al,Ga)N microdisk cavities and gallium arsenide disk optomechanical resonators, among others.
Regular Arrays of Microdisk Electrodes: Numerical Simulation as an Optimizing Tool to Maximize the Current Response and Minimize the Electrode Area Used.
2) Corte de los dientes reconstruidos; utilizando una maquina de corte de semi-precision (Microdisk modelo NH06) y un disco de diamante de 0.80 mm de grosor, a baja velocidad con irrigacion constante de agua, se seccionaron las raices de manera transversal, y en direccion perpendicular al eje longitudinal del poste, en tres partes o discos; la parte mas apical se descarto, asi se obtuvieron dos discos o cuerpos de prueba (probetas) de cada diente, una del tercio cervical y otra del tercio medio, con un grosor aproximado de 2 mm (figura 4).
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