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A microminiaturized display, typically with a screen size less than two inches diagonal. They are used in rear-projection TVs and their data projector counterparts, in head mounted displays (HMDs) and in the viewfinders of digital cameras. Although microdisplay research goes back to the mid-1980s, commercial products emerged in the late 1990s.

Reflective and Transmissive
Reflective microdisplay bounce light into the viewer's lens or the projection lens. For example, in a DLP microdisplay, tiny mirrors divert light into the projection path (see DLP).

LCD microdisplays are transmissive, allowing light to pass through the display like backlit, laptop computer screens. See rear-projection TV.

A Microdisplay Unit
This amazing screen is used in HMDs and digital camera viewfinders. The reflective LCD display provides an 800x600 resolution in a half-inch screen that uses only 45 milliwatts of energy, as much as ten times less than transmissive displays. (Image courtesy of Three-Five Systems, Inc.)
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The display was developed by Shimadzu, the control unit by Hitachi and the display's microdisplay and interface chipset by Colorado.
Michael O'Keefe from 3M demonstrated a pocket projector slated to start shipping in October, that uses a tiny LCOS microdisplay with an LED light source.
SONY ELECTRONICS will expand its microdisplay rear projection television lineup to include a 50-inch and 60-inch screen model.
Brillian's televisions are based on proprietary liquid-crystal-on-silicon (LCOS(R)) Gen II microdisplay technology and offer contrast ratios as high as 2500:1 yielding extremely crisp images.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 8, 2019-: Microdisplay Market Size Worth US$ 2,979 Million by 2024 | CAGR 21% - IMARC Group
eMagin Corporation (OTCBB: EMAN) announced on Thursday it has commenced a programme to develop an ultra-high resolution OLED microdisplay with 1920x1200 triad color pixels.
"[Sony] did not own core flat-panel technology, but they did own LCD microdisplay [rear-projection TV] technology and they took off with that last quarter," said Tamryn Pratt, principal at market research firm Quixel.
The CyberDisplay 320M is a 0.24" diagonal transmissive AMLCD microdisplay with a resolution of 320x240 (QVGA) pixels.
He now wears a Liteye-D, a headset made by Littleton-based Liteye MicroDisplay Systems LLC.
announced its fingernail-size, color CyberDisplay SVGA LVS microdisplay that measures 0.44" diagonal.