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A device for holding and moving fine instruments for the manipulation of microscopic specimens under a microscope.



an instrument that makes possible delicate and accurate movements of microtools and the performance of complicated operations on cells under a microscope. It consists of a system of supports equipped with screws that grip microtools (needles, pipettes, and so on) and can move them in three planes. It may be controlled pneumatically, hydraulically, mechanically, or electrically. In 1912 the Russian scientist S. S. Chakhotin used a micromanipulator (micro-operator) that he constructed for strictly localized action of an ultraviolet light beam on a cell. In the 1960’s a micromanipulator was built that had a television device, a quartz monochromator, oscilloscopes, and electronic gear that made possible remote control of the instrument and the performance of particularly complicated operations on a cell. In the USSR a composite micromanipulator has been constructed that contains mechanical, pneumatic, and piezoelectric devices, which are used as required for the problem under study.


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The depth of a spheroid was evaluated by measuring the travel of the micromanipulator knob when the pipette was focused at the top and then at the bottom of the spheroid.
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Eppendorf's TransferMan 4r is an innovative micromanipulator that combines an intuitive user interface with enhanced precision for rapid and simple microinjection.
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Another problem is the precision of a micromanipulator, which is determined not only by the deformations of the structure, caused by external forces, but also by the strain derived from changes in ambient temperature [34].
In this study, we reported the production of live mouse pups by a stable NT method in which donor nuclei from cumulus cells of B6D2F1 mice were directly injected into enucleated oocytes using a piezo-actuated micromanipulator. The resultant clones derived from cumulus-cell nuclei were not contaminated, as the transferred embryos were not the result of in vitro fertilization.