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a method of producing the optical images of small objects formed by a microscope on a screen (in the case of microphotography and microcinephotography, on a photosensitive layer).

In microprojection the objective (2) of a microscope (see Figure 1) produces, as usual, a magnified real image (1’) of an object (1), but the eyepiece (3) functions as a projection system (for this purpose, the microscope is focused so that [1’] is located in front of the front focus F of the eyepiece) and produces a real image (1”) on the screen (4). The linear optical magnification for the microoroiection is

where Δobj and eye are the nominal values of the magnifications for the objective and the eyepiece, feye is the focal distance of the eyepiece, and K is the distance from the eyepiece to the

Figure 1. Diagram of formation of an image in microprojection

Microprojection is also used to produce images of microscopic objects on the photocathode of an image-converter tube in research conducted by ultraviolet and infrared light and on the photosensitive layer of camera tubes in television microscopy.


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