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Irregularities of the land surface causing variations in elevation amounting to no more than a few feet.



relief forms that are details of larger surface forms, for example, knolls, channel banks and spits, small sinkholes, polygonal ground, sand ripples, and steppe hollows. Microrelief is usually produced by exogenous processes.

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To investigate the influence of surfaces with a partially regular microrelief on the tribological characteristics of samples, it is necessary to eliminate the influence of shape errors as well as the influence of friction surface position errors.
Real physical contact is commenced at the moment, when the highest projections on microrelief contact surfaces are contacted in contact jaws bringing together.
With the view to analyze the microrelief of the cavitation eroded areas, the replicas after 30 and 120 minutes of attack time were examined by the electron transmission microscope Tesla BS 613 (Figure 4).
Radiance Elixir can be used every morning to revitalize and oxygenate the skin, while smoothing its microrelief.
Another new product is Epigenomyl, a material rich in calendula flower oligosaccharides that is said to smooth the skin's microrelief, reduce wrinkles and increase skin tone.
Gilgai is surface microrelief associated with soils containing shrink-swell clay and consists of mounds and depressions showing varying degrees of order (McDonald et al.
Russell and Moore (1972) estimated parameters of gilgai microrelief by Fourier analysis of transect data.
For a microrelief of a surface of operation of restoration are technological "barriers".
The particularities of the microrelief and the local distribution of protected and unprotected sites, as well as the kinetic energy level of floods, generate patches of forest units.
CELLDEI or improves the skin radiance of tired and intoxicated skin and limits the signs of aging by smoothing microrelief and wrinkles.