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The acquisition of Luxo microscopes is intended to further increase UNITRON's presence and strength in the industrial microscope market, including electronics and manufacturing.
Microscope eyepieces and objectives Also available in the web store are a variety of entry-level microscope kits, which include the microscope itself, and accessories for all microscope types including eyepieces, filter cubes, dust covers, and cabling.
A confocal microscope irradiates a laser onto a single spot of a fluorescence-stained sample and obtains fluorescence from that spot through a pinhole.
In this report, the Europe optical microscopy market has been broadly classified by type, such as inverted microscope, stereo microscope, phase contrast microscope, fluorescence microscope, confocal microscope, near field microscope, and others.
The inverted microscope system is ideal for observation of cells in three-dimensional (3D) cultures, where multiple layers of cells are cultured in a petri dish or similar vessel.
Table 13 Market Potential Rates of compound optical microscope industry in Mexico
Digitizing slides can be as simple as mounting a digital camera to a conventional microscope, and most vendors offer such cameras.
Researchers are already using the microscope to study how to develop optimally shaped nanoparticles that will be placed on a tumour and, using an infra-red laser, how to pinpoint and burn away the damaged cells without harming the surrounding healthy cells.
This is a very capable and yet cost-effective microscope, shrunk into a very small package.
An entire optofluidic microscope chip is about twice the size of a dime, although the part of the device that images objects is only the size of Pres.
The Netherlands was the home to inventors of both the compound microscope and the refracting telescope, between 1590 and 1610.
In April 2006, Olympus hosted a meeting for journalists in Mallorca to highlight several product introductions focusing on its new SZX2 stereo microscope series, which purports to offer the highest resolution in the industry for a stereo microscope.