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A pivotal passage of Schwann's Microscopical Researches stresses a vitality of individual cells that is enabled by the mobility of smallest particles (molecules):
Level of Agreement between Microscopical and Molecular Tests.
Microscopical picture (hematoxylin-eosin, x100) showing blastemal cells and stromal element.
(2005): Macropathological Microscopical and Laboratory Findings in Drowning Victims.
Skin biopsy specimens observed by light microscopical examination showed irregular distribution and irregular size of melanin granules in the basal layer (Figure 4).
Also, manual microscopical examination is labor-intensive and displays a very high inter-observer variability.
The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of plant derived diosgenin on cardiovascular risk, insulin secretion, and pancreatic composition through electron microscopical studies of normal and diabetic rats.
Voided urine with larvae and urine in between passages of larvae was normal on microscopical examination.
Among the 111 patients microscopical haematuria was present in 51 (45.9%) and macroscopical haematuria in 19 (17.1%) patients.
Microscopical Examination revealed predominately solid tumor showing biphasic components; primitive blastomatous elements composed of sheets of small round cells with finely granular chromatin of round/ oval nuclei and scanty cytoplasm admixed with sarcomatous spindle cells and tumor giant cells with myxoid stroma.
Microscopical examination for fecal sample revealed ciliated protozoa identified as Balantidium coli, which confirmed the diagnosis of balantidiasis.