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Simultaneous microsensor long-term measurements of pH and [Ca.sup.2+] within the inner EPF of Arctica islandica were performed over 7 h.
A dedicated electromechanical test bench was set up to carry out the electromechanical characterizations of the fabricated microsensor samples (see Figure 10(b)).
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Second, the microsensor is designed for fixing on the vessel (outside) that completely eliminates dangerous cardiovascular complications and allows to operate for a long-term basis (for at least 5 yrs).
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The VITROS 4600 Chemistry System also incorporates state-of-the-art features including MicroSlide Technology, MicroTip Technology, MicroSensor Technology,
Among them are ambient ionizing mass spectrometry, the analysis of water in confined geometries and at interfaces, in-situ optical studies of solid-oxide fuel cells, electrochemical aspects of electrospray and laser desorption/ionization for mass spectrometry, adaptive microsensor systems, chiral separations, fundamentals of rotationally induced hydrodynamics and applications to high-speed bioassays, microsystems for capturing low-abundance cells, and advances in mass spectrometry for lipidomics.