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Ghannouchi, "Five-port microwave receiver architectures and applications," IEEE Communications Magazine, vol.
ECIT is developing the Quasi Optical filter technology which will be used in the microwave receiver of the instrument to separate the thermal emissions collected by the antenna from Earth.
By combining the architecture of superheterodyne and multichannel direct-detection of traditional microwave radiometer receiver, the proposed microwave receiver has advantages of excellent multichannel measuring time, good wideband performance, high-linearity, and low complexity.
The SMR-4820 Microwave Receiver is a high-performance receiver designed for covert and clandestine type signals-intelligence (SIGINT) operations requiring smaller-size equipment.
It filmed their PIN numbers as he sat in his car monitoring transactions using a microwave receiver and video screen fixed into a briefcase.
"IDL is well suited to handle the data from COBE's photometer, spectrometer, and microwave receiver instruments," says Isaacman.
Who would have conceived that prices of highly sophisticated microwave receiver components would have dropped some 97 percent for similar, and in some ways superior, performance?
The excellent phase resolution offered by this alternative microwave receiver leads to high accuracy distance and angular measurement capabilities [7].
A [+ or -]50 V DC DVM monitors Use microwave receiver's AGC circuitry to assist in antenna alignment.

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