Walther Flemming

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Flemming, Walther


Born Apr. 21, 1843, in Sachsenberg; died Aug. 4, 1905, in Kiel. German histologist.

Flemming was a professor at the universities in Prague (from 1873) and Kiel (1876–1901). His main works dealt with the histology of mollusks, tissue regeneration, connective and adipose tissue, follicle structure, and spinal ganglia cells. His research on the fine structure of the cell became especially well known. Flemming used his own fixing method (Flemming’s fixing fluid) and staining method to study the structure of protoplasm, the nucleus, and centrosomes and the process of cell division, both direct and indirect. This research was very important for the development of cytology. Flemming’s fixing and staining methods became widely used in laboratories.


Zellsubstanz Kern und Zellteilung, Leipzig, 1882.
Studien über Regeneration der Gewebe. Bonn, 1885.
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First, Mrhl is divided by Drosha into a midbody of 80 nt.
Also, the midbody between the cells became apparent at telophase (Fig.
Branchiae are adjacent to the notopodial setal bundles anteriorly and posteriorly but in the midbody they are found more medial to the setal bundles.
And his spine dips way down below the hump, so that a midbody, behind-the-shoulder shot gets you nothing but muscle, and a lost bull.
The genus Ficimia is diagnosed by the presence of a rostral scale contacting the frontal and smooth dorsal scales in 17 rows at midbody.
Abstract--We used scanning electron microscopy to characterize microornamentation of dorsal scales from the neck and midbody of two species of sympatric New World Ratsnakes (Pantherophis guttatus and Pantherophis spiloides) from middle Tennessee.
Since 2011, he has done an outstanding job leading BSC, ramping up and sustaining 787 aft and midbody production as well as final assembly, expanding the site s capabilities and making the company an integral part of the community.
With the metacarpophalangeal joint flexed to a 225[degrees] angle, the needle was inserted at the level of the midbody of the lateral proximal sesamoid bone, through the palmar annular ligament, and 3 mm axial to the palpable palmar or plantar border of the lateral proximal sesamoid bone, in the transverse plane, and directed 45[degrees] from the sagittal plane, angled toward the central intersesamoidean region, approximately 15 to 20 mm in depth [11].
5] The vertebrae show dense bands adjacent to the endplates with normal appearing midbody, giving rise to "sandwich vertebra" or "rugger jersey" appearance.
Once she spotted the huge, white object, she crossed the ditch and picked up the swan, gripping it midbody.
of the front legs, back down the lower side to a full circle, midbody cut and then along the middle of the backbone to where the skull connects to the neck.