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the armed forces of a STATE; pertaining to the armed forces or to WARFARE.

The Austrian sociologist Ludwig Gumplowitz (1838-1909) argued that military conquest was the origin both of the state and SOCIAL STRATIFICATION. Whether or not this view is accepted (and usually it is regarded as far too simple), it is clear the military play a crucial role in the maintenance of state power once this is established. Despite this, until recently sociological study of the military and of warfare has occupied only a relatively marginalized place within mainstream sociology. This neglect has been challenged recently by a number of theorists (e.g. MANN, 1983 and 1988). The argument is that in a world threatened with extinction by the military might of the two superpowers, and with MILITARISM today a more pervasive feature than in earlier societies, the study of warfare and the military ought to be more central. See also WARFARE, STRATEGIC THEORY.

What does it mean when you dream about the military?

To see people in military uniforms of specific branches of the armed forces may be identifying with actual life experiences and memories if one has been in the military. Otherwise, the military in a dream may indicate rigid authoritarian and disciplinary methods that are being brought to bear upon the dreamer, or upon others by the dreamer. It may also suggest extreme emotional repression. If the dreamer is in a ship on the high seas, the dream may suggest sailing through emotional issues of divorce or other personal loss, bravely and dutifully.

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1 in the world militarily, up six points from two years ago.
Both constitutionally as well as militarily the occupied territory had been turned into a worst colony of India, and political repression, military expansion and economic decline had reached its zenith.
Had the enemy been able to confront us militarily, it would have already taken action," Salehi said in Tehran on Tuesday.
He said a military strike to avenge "the fate of dozens of Syrian kids by killing thousands of them" does not "make sense neither politically nor militarily.
Half of all Americans believe President Barack Obama should not intervene militarily in Syria in response to the regime's alleged use of chemical weapons, a poll released Friday said.
Even if outside forces do not intervene militarily, the administration will be caught up in the humanitarian tragedy that has started".
No Military Trials said in the statement that the article opens the door for the militarily trying civilians in a "purposefully vague" manner, leaving it up to legislation.
They are in a fairly hopeless situation militarily, without prospect of resupply or reinforcement to any significant degree.
Emily Sussman, legislative co-director of the Service Members Legal Defense Network, spoke about the organization's activities and mission, which includes securing the freedom for all qualified individuals to serve, with equality of treatment and opportunity, regardless of actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity or militarily appropriate gender expression.
The EU can't act on its own, it must do it with a legal basis and the support of the [Arab] region" to intervene militarily, said Van Rompuy.
I want an enduring relationship with Afghanistan past 2014 politically, economically and militarily so that country never goes back into the hands of Taliban or al Qaeda.
Although it was unknown whether Syria indirectly benefited from the clashes between its two allies, Tueni referred to a statement a few days ago by a pro-Syrian Lebanese politician, former Cabinet Minister Waim Wahhab, in which he said that Syria would intervene militarily in Lebanon in the event of Sunni-Shiite conflict.