Combat Mission

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Combat Mission


a mission formulated by the superior commander for units of various sizes involving achievement of a certain goal by a set time. The substance of the combat mission depends on the type of combat operations; possible enemy use of weapons of mass destruction; the forces, composition, and nature of enemy operations; the composition of one’s own forces and weapons and the combat capability of the unit (of whatever size); terrain conditions, state of the weather, and other factors. On the offensive, for example, the combat mission involves destroying enemy forces in a certain area to a determined depth and taking an appointed line or region; in defense, it is destroying the advancing enemy and holding certain strong points or areas of land.

The combat mission is delivered to those who are to perform it in a written or oral operation order, through a separate battle instruction, or by the delivery of order charts to the one who is to carry it out. In subunits the combat mission is announced orally, usually on the specific terrain, by the commander in person to his subordinates. The combat mission is the basis for determining the nature of and procedures for combat operations, for organizing cooperation, and for ensuring the control of troops in combat. After the commander receives the combat mission, he evaluates it so that he has a clear idea of the supreme commander’s intention and of the role which the unit or subunit is destined to play in achieving the goal of the forthcoming combat operations. Fulfillment of the combat mission is the primary criterion for evaluation of troop operations.


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Salman Al Rubaii, an engineer in an oil investment institution in Maysan told Gulf News: "The next military operation is very important to crush the militias involved in oil smuggling because these operations in the oilfields of Al Bazerkan, Abu Gharb, Fakah and Amara by oil gangs requires a great military move in order to dictate the law.
The official stated that in case the peace talks failed and the government went for a full-scale military operation, the displaced persons would be accommodated in Bannu and DI Khan.
Hasan also urged the army to give the media a chance to independently report the results of the FATA military operations.
The army and popular forces also resumed military operations in Northeastern Hama, pounding ISIL's positions near the town of Ithriya, liberating Al-Abjar Hill along the Hama-Raqqa provincial road.
Khan also pointed out that an incremental increase in military action will lead to a large scale military operation with revenge attacks and ensuing increase in chaos, militancy and terrorism.
ISLAMABAD -- The independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan says some 2,000 men from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region are missing after military operations there.
Major General Mezher al-Azzawi, commander of the Tigris operations, told NINA today that "joint security formations of the army and the police, supported by factions of the popular mobilization and air cover, started a military operation from two axes to track Daesh cells in the areas south of Buhraz and Kanaan district, down to Baghdad administrative border.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iraq's joint military forces started their military operations to liberate Zawaya region, Commander of Iraq's Counterterrorism Forces Major General Abdolvahab al-Saedi announced on Wednesday.
Despite the recent drop in March 2015, the ratio of those who prefer peaceful negotiations to those who prefer military operations is 2 to 1, SWS said.
Major General Mezher al-Azzawi, head of the Tigris operations, told NINA correspondent " joint security forces from the Tigris and Diyala police began a military operation from two axes to track the Daesh cells in the areas between Jalawla and the north of Qara Tabbah East of Baquba.
The Turkish military sent 20 more tanks to assist its 'Euphrates Shield' military operation in Northern Syria as Ankara and its allies are trying to capture Tal Rafa'at.
LONDON -- While recording his statement to the Lal Masjid Commission at Pakistani embassy in London, ex Prime Minister Showkat Aziz said that there was no option sole military operation as all the other options had proved fruitless in this regard.

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