military operation area

military operation area (MOA)

military operation area (MOA)
An airspace of defined dimensions established to segregate certain military activities from IFR (instrument flight rules) traffic and to identify, for VFR (visual flight rules) traffic, where military training activities are conducted. MOAs are depicted on sectional, VFR terminal area, and en route low-altitude charts.
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From 1989 to 1998, the Indonesian government designated Aceh as a Military Operation Area, with thousands of troops assigned to defeat the armed independence force.
It also engaged in field action and provided medical and health services in military operation areas including that of Mount Chmbi.
Already there has been IDPs from the military operation areas or the areas where the terrorists have played frequent havocs.
The fleeing citizens indicated that they have informed representatives of humanitarian and voluntary organizations concerned with protection of children that Abdul-Aziz Al-Hillo has ordered field commanders at these training camps to prepare the children as soon as possible with the aim to push them to the military operation areas.

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