military pension

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military pension:

see pensionpension,
periodic payments to one who has retired from work because of age or disability. Pensions, originally thought of as charity, are now viewed as an essential part of the social responsibility of employers or of the state.
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WASHINGTON -- House Republican leaders were considering a plan Monday to reverse a recently passed cut to military pensions as the price for increasing the government's borrowing cap.
A recently study entitled "Investments' effectiveness for the Military Pension Funds, the practical alternatives and the future perspectives," conducted by Dr.
Politically the military pension raid makes no sense to the coalition.
He was discharged in 1920 and moved to Wood Street, Rugby, to become a drill instructor for four years with the Royal Warwicks, before returning to the pits, his 12 shillings-a-month military pension supplementing his income for his wife Ellen and six children.
Yettaw, a Mormon who lives on a military pension from serving in the US army for about a year in 1973, travelled to Myanmar in early May and donned homemade flippers for a nighttime swim to Aung San Suu Kyi's lakeside home.
When I needed help with my military pension she said I wasn't entitled to anything because I had not contributed.
A general could go from being a double-dipper, earning money from his military pension and a network check, to being a triple-dipper raking it in from a pension, the network and a contractor.
He's lost his wife and kids and is so disillusioned with the Army hewon't claim his military pension.
Of special note is what genealogist Patrick Wardell has to offer the novice genealogist about nicknames, orphans, censuses, military pension files, cemetery records, and other issues and sources concerning genealogical research.
Mrs Thompson, aged 36, was denied a full military pension because he was not on duty when the accident happened.
When Oliver North was convicted of lying to Congress over his involvement in the Iran-Contra Affair, he lost his military pension and benefits.
I have enough of a military pension to pay for a family and I wan

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