military pension

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military pension:

see pensionpension,
periodic payments to one who has retired from work because of age or disability. Pensions, originally thought of as charity, are now viewed as an essential part of the social responsibility of employers or of the state.
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But as stratospheric as that number might be, neither the DBM nor the GSIS has the slightest idea for now on how to craft a military pension system that is self-sustaining and not taken out of the pockets of taxpayers.
In 2015, the current minister of labor, Ernesto Murro, who was then head of the Banco de Prevision Social (BPS), spoke out about the underfunding of military pensions (Servicio de Retiros y Pensiones de las Fuerzas Armadas), the result of the high cost of these privileges.
8 per cent has been allocated to the Ministry of Defence, one of the lowest increases in years as the military pensions bill has gone up to Rs82,000 crore.
And there are existing laws that prohibit individuals from signing over their military pension checks to a third party.
Q I served 22 years in the Army and I am receiving my military pension.
That means that new defense projects and military pension and pay reform would not be held up as part of a budgetary fight.
The final legislation is expected to include a provision that replaces the current military pension plan, which requires 20 years' service, with a "blended" compensation system featuring a 401(k)-style investment plan and a "lump sum" option at retirement, effective in 2018.
Oyak Group is the manager of Turkey's military pension fund through long-term investments in the manufacturing industry including steelmaking unit Eregli Demir ve Celik Fabrikalari TAS and a car manufacturing joint venture with Renault.
Funding, which will be provided through LIBOR fines will be used to establish "payroll deduction" systems which are expected to let both current and former Service personnel, who are in receipt of a military pension, to save with and pay off loans from a credit union directly from their salary or pension.
A major barrier that keeps military retirees from settling in Arkansas is the taxation of their military pension.
The Qatar Police Sports Federation, Military Pension Committee, Qatar Cancer Society and Centre for People with Special Needs at the MoI will take part in the events at the Suhaim Bin Hamad Stadium.
Al-Sisi issued another decree Sunday increasing the military pension by 15%, according to a presidential statement.

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