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the armed forces of a STATE; pertaining to the armed forces or to WARFARE.

The Austrian sociologist Ludwig Gumplowitz (1838-1909) argued that military conquest was the origin both of the state and SOCIAL STRATIFICATION. Whether or not this view is accepted (and usually it is regarded as far too simple), it is clear the military play a crucial role in the maintenance of state power once this is established. Despite this, until recently sociological study of the military and of warfare has occupied only a relatively marginalized place within mainstream sociology. This neglect has been challenged recently by a number of theorists (e.g. MANN, 1983 and 1988). The argument is that in a world threatened with extinction by the military might of the two superpowers, and with MILITARISM today a more pervasive feature than in earlier societies, the study of warfare and the military ought to be more central. See also WARFARE, STRATEGIC THEORY.

What does it mean when you dream about the military?

To see people in military uniforms of specific branches of the armed forces may be identifying with actual life experiences and memories if one has been in the military. Otherwise, the military in a dream may indicate rigid authoritarian and disciplinary methods that are being brought to bear upon the dreamer, or upon others by the dreamer. It may also suggest extreme emotional repression. If the dreamer is in a ship on the high seas, the dream may suggest sailing through emotional issues of divorce or other personal loss, bravely and dutifully.

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Regardless of military strength in numbers, war is still driven by financing as much as any one leader or weapon.
Generally super-powers' international policy is determined by domestic matters and this show of military strength could highlight economic weakness in Russia," he said.
Alongside with all political and diplomatic efforts, our military strength will play the key role in the
The company added the new product will be called Nyloxin Military Strength, which will represent the strongest version of Nyloxin available.
Therefore, my focus in this essay is on the personnel and acquisition accounts as the most expedient areas in which to achieve reductions and on possible approaches that will also preserve our military strength.
However, the ongoing Egyptian military buildup in an area Israel considers a strategic buffer zone has sparked concerns in Israel that Egypt may use its anti-terrorist operation as a way of retaining its military strength in Sinai.
Social scientists consider how China influences other countries using means besides either guns or money, an influence that has been growing in parallel with the country's economic and military strength.
Summary: Academics and intelligence analysts are busy these days charting the military strength of Syrian government forces and their armed rivals, in the form of the network of FSA battalions.
All great powers depend largely if not totally on military strength whether it be a navy, an army or nuclear weapons.
But though all around him are saying that Al Qathafi's military strength has been heavily depleted,government officials says that the regime's military capability has not been seriously undermined by defections.
The king emphasized the necessity for the GCC's economic rise to coincide with the rise of its military strength.
The US high stakes strategy in Lebanon not only aims to deal with Hezbollah growing military strength, but also to deliver a blow to Iran's influence in the region.

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