milk paint

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casein paint

A paint made from a mixture of skimmed milk or buttermilk, earth-colored pigment, water, and a small amount of lime; widely used in the US and in Britain during the 18th and 19th centuries.
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* General Finishes Milk Paints are premixed water-based acrylic paints suitable for a variety of interior or exterior applications from furniture to crafts.
Once it's on ...: "Milk paint is a fibrous paint, an inside-out paint.
Applications for AMCO polymers include use for interior and exterior "green" coatings used for straw bale houses, and in stucco, lime paint, milk paint, plus natural hydraulic lime and cementitious wall and ceiling coatings.
Milk paint is sold as a powder made from milk protein (also called casein), clay, natural pigments, and lime. _safe.html; Livos Pytochemistry, (508) 477-7955,; The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company, (978) 448-6336, www.
One of their products is milk paint, or casein paint, which has been in use for centuries.
Milk paint delivers rich color, durability and that good old-fashioned charm.
Family Game Table: The designer used kahya with green milk paint and finished it with three thin coats of orange shellac and four coats of gloss nitrocellulose lacquer rubbed out with four-aught steel wool to obtain a silky matte finish.
1 We painted them with Old Fashioned Milk Paint in buttermilk and lightly distressed the details with a fine sand paper and then clear waxed the surface.
One kind of permanent and durable paint that is suitable for porous surfaces is milk paint. Casein, the milk protein, is the binder that holds the pigment.
Milk paint works well on new wood and plaster, but can pull off old paint if it's not adhered well.