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Bratton stayed in his car and photographed the dogs as they milled around it.
Kids milled around Bugs Bunny World, munching on popcorn, cotton candy and hot dogs as Magic Mountain celebrated the opening of the new roller coaster.
Bennett, like the rest of his teammates, had his photo taken in full uniform and then milled around for the next hour, available for anyone who wanted to interview or photograph him.
The players milled around for about 30 seconds, and it appeared it might end there.
Three demonstrators were arrested for blocking the entrance of nearby Neiman Marcus, and three more were arrested for blocking the sidewalk as tourists milled around, sniping, ``Go back to China'' or ``What about your leather shoes?
While most students milled around information tables, others ducked into the shade of thick treetops.
Outside the meet, motorcycle enthusiasts milled around and examined hundreds of bikes, from nearly priceless vintage cycles to a new Harley valued at about $40,000.
After the kick, the teams milled around, with the Packers apparently angry about Dallas adding a needless score.
Scores of neighbors and their children milled around the area staring at the chunks of concrete ripped up by the explosion.
Near the Arg presidential palace, a small crowd milled around a lone rebel soldier perched atop a tank.