millennium bug

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millennium bug:

see Year 2000 problemYear 2000 problem,
 Y2K problem,
or millennium bug,
in computer science, a design flaw in the hardware or software of a computer that caused erroneous results when working with dates beyond Dec. 31, 1999.
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millennium bug

Computing any software problem arising from the change in date at the start of the 21st century
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millennium bug

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Millennium Bug

A common term for the Year 2000 problem. See Y2K problem.
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The point that has been missed here was that the money and the countless hours of skilled IT staff's time were spent precisely to ensure that the millennium bug became such a non-event.The fact that no-one saw any major problems was a testament to the efforts of all involved.
The more hysterical among them fretted that the Millennium Bug would erase as much as 500 years of material progress.
They were originally told they were in the low risk group because the millennium bug meant that incorrect ages had gone into the risk assessment.
Angela, 42, choked back tears yesterday as she said: "Because of the stress of the Millennium Bug, Jeremy felt that he needed a bit of a break.
The Lynchburg, Va., evangelist also released a Y2K video, "A Christian's Guide to the Millennium Bug," which he sold for $28 through his "Old-Time Gospel Hour" program.
But if the Millennium Bug does bring chaos, he and Judy may have chosen the wrong part of the country for their hideaway.
All the hype and hoopla over the Y2K computer problem, argues a missionary in the Philippines, has diverted attention from the real "millennium bug."
But in the health sector, the government's Y2K team said only major hospitals have made the necessary technical fix to cope with the millennium bug.
Action 2000, the government group created to dole cut advice on how to combat the millennium bug, has sent 26 million homes a copy of What Everyone Should Know About the Millennium Bug One thing they should know, according to Action 2000: The U.K.'s key services (transportation, emergency services, telecommunications, utilities, food, and cash supply) nave all been assessed as ready for the date change.
American corporations, government agencies, financial houses, and utilities are lining up in droves and chorusing, "We're ready!" for January 1, 2000, when the "millennium bug" will bite.
However, 59 percent were "somewhat/very concerned" about the Y2K problem, and, 59 percent also believed that "equipment with computers will fail." These concerns reveal why dozens of books and hundreds of articles have been written and why so many people are working feverishly to solve this turn-of-the-century problem called the millennium bug.
In less than 90 days the much talked about Year 2000 and its creeping millennium bug will be on us and we'll all be whistling in the dark, either metaphorically or literally.