millimeter waves

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Millimeter Waves


radio waves whose wavelength is 1–10 mm. Because of the substantial absorption of such waves by water vapor and gases contained in the atmosphere, their use for terrestrial radio communication is restricted to “radio windows,” which are narrow wavelength bands in which absorption is minimal. Rain, fog, and snow cause virtually complete absorption. Millimeter waves can be transmitted along wave guides and quasi-optical lines. They are used in space communications out-side the tropospheres of the earth and other planets.

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millimeter waves

Electromagnetic radiation in the frequency range of 30 to 500 GHz with corresponding wavelengths of 10 to 0.6 mm.
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Antenna circuit boards that transmit/receive millimeter waves require low transmission losses.
Millimeter waves range roughly from 7.5 mm to 3 mm long with frequencies of 40 gigahertz up to 100 gigahertz (40 billion to 100 billion cycles per second).
Caption: Figure 3--runtime method: from the runtime of the reflected millimeter waves (at the boundary layers), which are continuously frequency modulated, tube dimensions are defined
The sheet is measured via millimeter waves based on the Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar runtime method.
Operating in the 60 and 80 GHz bands, Siklu's radios now supplement Alcatel-Lucent's 9500 MPR family by introducing the support of millimeter waves and providing a solution for short-range, high-capacity small cell backhaul in very dense environments.
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The other type of scanner uses millimeter waves, which have wavelengths that fall between infrared and microwave.
It uses a part of the electromagnetic spectrum called millimeter waves. These waves lie just to the right of microwaves, which means they carry a little more energy than microwaves do.
Topics include millimeter-wave monolithic integrated circuits for WLAN, package technologies for millimeter-wave circuits and systems, antennas and channel modeling in WPANs, WLANs and WMANs, media access control protocols for millimeter-wave WLAN and WPAN, millimeter waves for wireless networks, the WiMedia standard for WPANs, the millimeter-wave-based IEEE 802.16 standard for WMAN, the millimeter-wave dedicated short-range communications standard (including applications and experimental studies, interference in millimeter-wave WMAN cellular configurations, principles and applications of millimeter-wave radar, and optical generation and transmission of millimeter-wave signals.
Termites inhabiting an air-dried wood block of western hemlock were detected by a nondestructive imaging technique using millimeter waves at a frequency of 100 GHz with 10-mW output power.

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