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This initial demonstration achieved an acceleration gradient, or amount of energy gained per length, of 300 million electronvolts per meter.
As much as I hate to disagree, the "Chart of the Nuclides for Naval Reactors, USDOE, that I have hanging on my wall lists the half-life of bismuth-209 as greater than or equal to 2 x [10.sup.18] years with an alpha-particle-decay mode of 3.07 million electronvolts.
So-called killer electrons, which are charged particles revved up to energies greater than 1 million electronvolts, punch through the skin of spacecraft.
The ions--a searing beam of 30 trillion protons, with energies up to 50 million electronvolts (MeV)--burst from the far side of the target.
The High-Energy Transient Experiment (HETE), an international project involving the United States, France, Italy, and Japan, carries a spectrometer to measure gamma-ray bursts ranging in energy from 6,000 to 1 million electronvolts. HETE carries a detector that can monitor the X-ray component of the bursts, as well as four ultraviolet cameras that will scan the sky whenever a burst appears.

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